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Sports Dentistry
Increased Performance Athletic Mouthguards

Since Dr. Roethele was the captain of the football team at USL he enjoys being close to the action on the field. He also is a strong advocate for custom fabricated mouthguards as he was a victim of the old boil and bite mouthguard. As a member of the Academy for Sports Dentistry since 1989, Dr. Roethele is the team dentist for many local athletic teams and was the Official Dentist of the Sugar Bowl. He lectures to other dentists around the country on the treatment and prevention of sports related injuries.  As a sports dentist and former athlete Dr. Jim is a football coach at Woodlake Playground and runs the annual Greg Lewis Football Camp in July.

Roethele Dental Esthetics has joined forces with Under Armour for “Performance Enhancing Mouthwear”. The same principles of protection and increased performance that Dr. Jim has been providing and lecturing about for the last 20 years is now fabricated by Under Armour Laboratories. Learn more about enhancing the performance of an athlete in any sport along with protection you’ve come to expect from Roethele Dental Esthetics. Ask anyone of our team at Roethele Dental Esthetics how to make the athletes in your family better athletes. 

Under Armour has a variety of mouthwear for any age or sport:

Boil and Bite:   Requires no impression and is purchased from the office and can be utilized immediately

  1. Protection
  2. Protection and Performanc
  3. Performance for non contact sports that offer no protection

Custom Fit:  Requires impressions in the office and is fabricated by Under Armour Laboratories in 2 weeks

  1. Protection and Performance
  2. Performance for non contact sports that offer no protection